15 Jun 2017


here we are again
we delight in the green of our garden,
cabbages and snow pea shoots, 
bulbs emerging, 
how quickly the body 
changes with the season -
craves warm cups of tea
and sunshine on the cheek,
hopes for clothes to dry on the line,
clear noses, more sleep -
as farm life begins to slow,
we are so very ready to unplug,
unwind, stretch those tired muscles,
help a back heal, ask big questions
about ourselves, our future, dreams -
we lie awake at night
for the unknowns,
for the night feeds,
we rise in the morning
our breath made visible in the crisp air
the kettle boils slowly, the porridge slower still -
and sometimes the pasture is covered in sparkling frost
and sometimes when we drive to school the fog is so thick
we can barely see ahead, then pulling up by the playground
we hear children running around laughing,
for the novelty of the thing - 
this season,
and it's only just beginning.


  1. Wintering! It has such an old and organic sound to it. Harking back to a time when we didn't use aircon to smooth out the seasons.

    We were reading the book of Acts today, when Paul sailed to Rome, a journey we could take in a plane in a few hours, but Paul and his companions had to "winter" for 3 months on Malta. They were different and slower times.

    Have a lovely, restful, family-togetherness winter!

  2. ...we were heading for the heat of summer just as you entering colder weather...so it's refreshing to see glimpses of sweaters...snuggling and coming inside...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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