18 Mar 2017

there and back again

Oh friend, do you know It's been nineteen months since I left this space?  And while it was absolutely the right decision at the time, I have been mulling over the thought of returning in the last little while. In nineteen months, we have grown our farm and our family - we are blessed with three little boys now, and our youngest Archie is nearing five months old. We are busy as ever with chickens and eggs and honeybees and babies and the demands of each day and life we care for. We continue to sink our roots down in a beautiful local community, and weather the seasons and unknowns of our occupation on the land. More than ever, I find myself easily distracted, easily overwhelmed, tempted to scroll through social media and skim superficially through news and articles on my phone, and yet I feel a tug at my heart to connect deeper - I miss the days of slowing down to write (and read) whole blog posts - to pause to comment, to acknowledge, to note down the happenings, take out my good camera, capture beauty, pen thoughts, prayers, memories, sing odes to the seasons, sketch whimsies.

So I am back here with no great vision, just an urge to write again, and savour more fully the everyday graces...


  1. Oh my goodness this was such a lovely surprise this morning! Lovely to hear you here again friend xxx

  2. So...So Happy you're back!

    ...what a beautiful baby!...Blessings and Congratulations!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. happy that the space to write is available and can be life-giving again x


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