19 Jul 2015

a little quilt

 A few days before Beren was born I finished hand stitching the hem of his little quilt. It became a quiet meditation in the late months of my pregnancy, preparing myself for his pending arrival. Now  it hangs on the side of his crib - those natural, earthy hues, a balm for my tired eyes. A reminder also, that a crafty season will come again...

I came up with the simple design of squares and rectangles. Save the bamboo fleece wadding and hand dyed silk thread - it's made entirely of linen. The square pieces from linen scraps I had lying around and found (to my delight) a 1 1/2 yard length of stone coloured linen was just enough to frame them and back the quilt. Like all my quilts, it's not perfectly straight and symmetrical - but I like that - linen is such a wondrous, wrinkle-prone fibre - it leans itself generously to imperfection...

Oh and do you remember the little quilt I made for Reuben those three and half years ago? So very colourful and bold compared to this, but still in good use...


  1. Lovely colours and sweet thoughts. I do remember the other one for Reu. You've stitched many loving memories together in more ways than one!

  2. I love the neutral colours and fibers.

  3. It's so sweet and pretty...perfect for a little boy...

    ~Have a lovely day!


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