21 Jun 2015


today was a perfectly lovely shortest-day-of-the-year - 
it was cold, so very cold
but it was radiantly blue
crisp, sun-soaked

I woke to the uncomfortable snuffling of my baby's congested nose (poor lad)
and the knowledge that my parents were asleep in the spare room
that a happy day awaited us - 
sunday morning pancakes,
cuddles, conversation,
paella, slow pace,

late morning, I walked up those hills you see in the first picture
I watched lambs frolicking
 and wrapped my scarf around my ears
I felt alive and well,
and so thankful for fresh air,
for kin, Creator -

later the boy and I planted 
the little pansies a friend gifted us
and we inspected the garden, 
cypress green
spring onion shoots
curly worms

through the window we spied the babe 
warm, still sleeping -

for such a cold day 
we spent a lot of it outdoors,
and it was the best shortest-day we've had.


  1. It looks like a spectacular day and it sounds like you enjoyed it immensely. Those pansies in wee boys hands are a colour I've never seen before and they are beautiful. Pansies are one of my absolute favourite flowers. So simple yet so delicate and happy looking. xx

  2. Such lovely pictures and I love the blue toed feet of the 'big boy' to match your toe-y pictures! The 'little boy' looks so safe and sweet....longing for a cuddle!
    Hope you had a lovely time with your folks xx xx

  3. Beautiful imagery, evocative sounds and a reminder to be thankful for the glories of creation.


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