24 Jun 2015


(of a moment beautifully ordinary, odd, wondrous to remember always)
Reuben: "Look what I found in the garden mama - a fire flower!" Oh I say, the most amazing nasturtium blooms and still alive in midwinter...

Beren: during his first visit to the chickens at five weeks old, safe view from under dad's coat...
Reuben: "Mama... heeelp... I need you to help me clean it up"... the do-I-look-guilty-of-something-truly-mishevious?" face - you know, like scatter the contents of container of tapioca flour through the house!

Beren: decides on a cold winter's morning this is the best place to be; wrapped up warm in bed on mama's knees...


  1. I love seeing your cool winter-ish photos...as we head into summer with 100 degree days...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. Every pic here makes me utterly melt. I've commented on Facebook on the Reuben portrait, but this one of Beren peeping out of Alex's jacket - awww.

  3. Wonderful pics of your children. They are just so adorable. xx

  4. Reuben looks just like you in that flour photo! Precious boys :)

  5. So glad to have stumbled upon your peaceful blog this morning :) What sweetness in those pictures!


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