18 Jun 2015


we wake to the chill
outside the world is
patterned with 
frosted breath
the still
and the screech 
of birds flying,
the smell
freshness, grassy -

the sun sparkles
off leaf and blade of grass
feet crunch and
nose drip 

most days are not
dusted as beautifully
most are grey and damp
cloudy headed
undecided -

it's strange how 
the colder days
are the clearer ones, 
the crisper ones
the season 
has only just begun.


  1. Oh, it seems so strange as we move toward summer in northern hemisphere. These pictures are paceful and make me want to read poems, drinking hot tea...But Summer, first !!
    I live in Sydney a long Time ago and I dream to come back one day! Have a good day!

  2. Beautiful photos. It is so lovely to see everything in frost. Keep warm!


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