2 Apr 2015

twenty six

yesterday was my birthday
I turned twenty six

it was warm and sunny
it was quiet too

I made a cake
with dark chocolate and 
our very own honey

the boy and I
picked a bunch
of birthday flowers
from the garden

I am 39 weeks
with child, and feeling it

ready to mark
the birth day
of my littlest one.


  1. Happy Birthday dear one! Your cake looks lovely and the life you are building sounds lovely too.

  2. happy birthday! that cake looks delicious! hope you have a smooth, beautiful birth. x

  3. Happy Birthday, lovely lady. xo

  4. Birthday Blessings to you and your littlest one...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had an amazingly beautiful day. The cake looks so pretty...I'd love to have the recipe.

    Take good care of yourself! ♥

  6. Glad you had a Happy Birthday, I tried to call but it's a busy time for you! Bestest wishes for the next 'birth' day, we pray it's soon! xxxx

  7. I wish you the best for your 26th year on this earth, and that you feel the support of the earth in some way everyday.


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