11 Apr 2015


Beren Argyle Sims
born 10.01am, Wednesday April 8th
3840g (8 lbs 7 oz) 51cm

as we drove to the hospital there was a 
rainbow in the sky, a promise I thought,
of what's to come

after three and half hours 
of oh-so intense labouring
we met our beloved son -

dark haired 
just as we'd dreamed,
healthy as an ox,
and lovely in every way



  1. Congratulations! to all of you! He is absolutely beautiful...a perfect little angel. I adore his dark hair! Get lots of sleep, treat yourself well and most of all, enjoy this time.

    I can't wait to read about your new days and new family. xo

  2. Oh i am so happy to read this and see such beautiful photos. Have been thinking about you. Congratulations, what a wonderful little boy, much love xxx

  3. Oh he is soooo cute! Congratulations on this new addition to your family. xx

  4. Oh my heart...Congrats, dearest E! He is perfection! Hope you're feeling well too!

    P.s. 3 hours?!?! He zoomed into the world! xoxoxo

  5. YES! I was thinking of you on the day and am so happy for you guys! Look at that marvellous dark hair! Lots of love.

  6. He is absolutely beautiful. Congrats! xox Wishing you many happy days ahead.

  7. Congrats lovely, he's just beautiful x

  8. Blessings and Congratulations!

  9. Warm Congratulations, he has a handsome face and beautiful hair, like yours. You must be immensely proud. I know he is sleeping in this photograph but he looks to be a calm soul. My own brunette child was a cheeky pixie who grew to have a bright sense of humour that matches his twinkling eyes. It will be a lovely experience for you to see little Beren's personality unfold and how nice for Reuben (also a gorgeous child) to have a dear brother enter his life.

    Joyous blessings x


  10. Congratulations. He's a perfect little man. I drop by this space every so often to be I inspired by you beautiful words, artwork and artistry in life in general. However, I've found myself checking in a little more frequently the past few weeks in anticipation of your baby news. It really is my favourite kind of news. Bless you and yours. Charli

  11. He's beautiful. Much love to you. xo

  12. Congratulations on your new son. He is so beautiful and I love his name too.

  13. Congratulations! He is so beautiful. I must make time to come and see the four of you sometime soon xx.

  14. Oh my..so very precious!
    Congratulations....so happy for you all...he's beautiful!

  15. Oh my goodness Em, he is just perfect. Look at all that thick wavy hair and such a quick birth!! Can't wait to meet him. Take care xxx Tina h

  16. Oh beautiful! Well done you clever lady! I love his name. Now go and drink tea and rest and give him lots of cuddles x


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