19 Apr 2015


eleven days old
and as many days
a mama of two
beautiful sons

so grateful for a time
of homebound, quietness
help and cups of tea

remembering the long nights
and short days, leaky,
jelly-tummy, sleepy, 
all over soreness

relishing those milk-drunk smiles,
grunts and sighs -
tender caresses of a big brother

for midwives visits,
for family, friends
fresh flowers, sunshine
rain in the night, warmth
by the fireside

small accomplishments -
a hair wash, a batch of bread
and various one-handed manoeuvres

and tears, oh so many
of tiredness and joy -

in short -
thanksgiving for a healthy, 
love-filled, beginning



  1. Congratulations on a healthy delivery. Such a delight to see two sweet, little ones in your household. Hugs. xx

  2. Precious moments! All so fleeting. X

  3. Oh my heart! Other BIG accomplishments...taking beautiful photos, and sharing heartfelt words and moments with us! Oh to be a mother of two beautiful boys, my ovaries are screaming!

    Hope you're getting as much rest as possible - Sending all my love to you and yours! xx

  4. Oh sweet thing! Those newborn days are just so precious. Enjoy every second xx

  5. Oh my, in the second photo of Reuben I can see your smile beaming out of his beautiful little face! It made me catch my breath! :) Lots of love to the whole family! xx

  6. Beautiful boys together! Love, prayers and gros bisous to you!

  7. Oh Emily! I have been taking a little break from the internet and came back to see this! Your beautiful family of four! Congratulations, sweet friend. I was 26 when my Ben was born... it was a glorious, growing year for all of us. Beren is just beautiful (and that second photo of he and Reu had me swooning). I'm hoping for lots of rest and time to snuggle, and sleep, and cry, and take long baths! It is such a precious time, but one of exhaustion and emotions too. So much love to you all- and praise to Him for that gorgeous second son of yours :) xoxo


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