31 Mar 2015


the daisies I planted are finally blooming,
a little jacket is ready for seaming,
baskets are filled with small clothes, nappies and cloth,
the first quince of the season handpicked from a friend's tree,
and a batch of hot cross buns are baked -
this morning the boy introduces "his chicks" to the pasture,
and we spend the late afternoon harvesting honey,
elevenses are observed,
as are zinnias, and behind them golden nasturtiums, red geraniums -

we are in the final days of waiting for this so-loved little babe to emerge, and so we potter in the garden and plant out cabbages, we prepare our bedroom and assemble a bed with three sides next to ours, we clean the house, we keep running a business, we bake for easter, we plan a birthday meal, we hiatus from facebook, we cuddle on the bed and read stories, we welcome the gifts of friends (child-minding, encouraging messages, hole-digging, maple smoked bacon, pickles, appliance installation), we stretch on our hands and knees, we reflect on the word...

there is so much to be thankful for, so much to savour
and the less I worry about everything on my to-do list
and more I savour the rhythm
of these fresh autumn days,
and anticipate...


  1. Be slow and gentle with your days, the ones waiting for baby to arrive are so special...they deserve to be spent that way. ♥

    I'm looking forward to hearing how a new little one will fit into your beautiful lives.

  2. Such a lovely and exciting time!
    Grace and peace to you all xx

  3. beautiful! love that jersey + chicks! x

  4. Ooh, I see you have a copy of taproot magazine. I have ordered my first, a back issue, and am thinking about a subscription. Do you enjoy it? I just love zinnias. So lovely to pop back in on your blog, it feels like breathing in fresh, country air x


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