21 Feb 2015


life wraps around us
beautiful, changing, unfathomable

summer comes late
and we sweat in our beds

we welcome three hundred baby chicks
and learn to brood as a hen does

we are blessed with local produce
summer squash, zucchinis,
cucumbers, fist-sized tomatoes, pig livers, 
and our own grown 
lettuce,  chard, chives, dill 

I spend whole days 
preserving and baking for market
and savour the satisfied smiles
from happy bellies 

I piece strips and squares of linen together
a quilt for the babe
to thread in the six weeks that remain
craving softness, gentle hues

we mark our fifth anniversary
a day late with lunch
and a trip to the nursery
we buy a tree to mark the milestone -
we are the sturdiest 
we have ever been

we learn the heaviest grief
friends can bare
the loss of their child
still sapling
and so
so full of life

we ache
we cry
we gather
we retire late
we rise early
we love
the best we can.


  1. Thankyou for your gentle thoughts we're 'with' you as you feel the heat of summer and the babe! love xx

  2. Wow what a pleasure it would be to buy a loaf of bread from your stall and taste the wholesomeness and love at every bite!
    Loving the best you can, what more can there be? And ahhhh buying a tree to mark an anniversary is the best idea ever!!

  3. Thinking of you guys. It's nice to se the progress you are making. So sad to hear about the child.

  4. You are a beautiful wordsmith, Emily. I'm excited to hear how it goes with the chicks! And so so sorry to hear about your friends' loss. Such a thing always makes me hold mine a little tighter. xo

  5. How lovely, and that bread looks divine!


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