10 Feb 2015

and then he was three

Amidst the busy blur of the season my little boy had a birthday; he turned three years old, and I too marked three years of motherhood. How quickly our little ones grow up, how long the days can seem, how fleeting each wonderful stage of growth is... 

For a while now I've sensed us moving into a new rhythm of family - a different dynamic of parent and child hood - as we draw closer to the birth of our babe, as we learn to work the land, as we engage with local community, as we carve out our own home, as we dream about the future... 

Happiest of birthdays my darling - you are little in stature yes, but you are so large and lofty in character and soul - Your sensitivity and curiosity. Your dialogue and remembrances. Your independence and your neediness. Your experiments and your boundary crossing. Your need for us to be present, and our need for you to teach us continually patience, humility, humour. And so we move into another year together, most likely fumbling, knowing we are blessed to have each other and the space in heart and hand and mind to grow. 

I never want to forget the two-to-three year old you, especially:
your love of water play, in any way, shape or form
your use of gendered-specific pronouns for everything, which I like to think is the Frenchborn in you
your favourite song requests - "bird song" (Watermelon man - Herbie Hancock), "strawberry song" (White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes), "hospital song" (I don't want to die in a hospital - Conor Orbest), "steam train song" (Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills and Nash) and the "car/frog song" (Riding in the Car - Elizabeth Mitchell) 
your genuine concern for any minor cuts/burns/bee-stings/bruises mama or dadda incurs - which you remember for days and weeks afterwards and will plant a healing kiss... 
your love of books, your storytelling and retelling of favourite picture books and nursery rhymes, oh and phrases like this (upon us singing the incey wincey spider climbed up the water spout) - "poor spider, he's all wet - he needs to wear an umbrella"... and after reading about jack and hill - "oh that poor jack, he fell down the hill, broke his head, needs to get the water again"
your love of sticking, glueing, play-dough, drawing circles and rings "holes for polar bears" and squiggles "zig-zags"
your insatiable (and constant) appetite for ricotta pancakes, banana, freshly squeezed orange juice, the whites of boiled eggs, peas, olives, yogurt, honey and parmesan cheese
your love of creatures big and small, especially chickens which you seem to possess an aptitude for wrangling... 
your spontaneous face plants, morning cuddles, kisses on our cheeks, rubs on my belly, little sighs "you okay dadda? you're happy?","ohhhh mamma, oh mamma, you're my mama, Reu's mama", "I love you, sleep well"...
your keen observations of anything around you, like native birds sounds in the morning, correct naming of sea creatures in a book, types of cars and trucks going past the window...
your gender generalisations of vehicles - "that's a man's white truck... that's a lady's blue car... that's a boy's little red car"
your smiles at passerbys, your willingness to help us with tasks, your unprompted pleases, thank-yous, excuse me and sorry... 
and always your wonderful locks...

thank you 
thank you 
for being ours


  1. He's such a cutie with his rosy cheeks and sweet red hair! This is a beautiful story of him....

  2. Tears!!!!! Our boys!!!! Happy birthday to mama and Reu. Love to your whole beautiful family. xoxoxoxox

  3. "How quickly our little ones grow up, how long the days can seem, how fleeting each wonderful stage of growth is... " Such true words. I love this sweet story of Reu..has it been 3 years already? What a joy it's been to watch him grow through your eyes here on this blog :) Happiest of birthdays, handsome boy!


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