30 Dec 2014

twenty six weeks

Sweet babe,
I feel so full of you! We've been on holidays in Sydney for a week now, and soaking in the long summer days - playing board games with my siblings, eating so much cheese and ripe mangoes and melon, driving to the oceanside... Oh how wonderful it is to feel cool and light in the water and breathe in salty breeze. Satisfying sleep seems hard to come by at the moment with your brother's unsettled nights, vengeful mosquitos, summer humidity and my ever-increasingly impatient bladder. You are moving so much little one - especially when I'm still. I imagine you're telling me its good to pause, slow down and make room in my heart and body for you. I've been busy sorting through boxes of our belongings to take back home - tiny garments for you to wear, picture books for you to thumb through, artwork by your dada to hang on the walls, fabric for your mama to craft quilts and bibs and booties from. Keep growing little laddie, I am so glad for you...


  1. You are so gorgeous, Em! That photo of you and Reu is priceless. xoxo

  2. So very glad you are having a holiday and recharging your batteries at the half way mark of your pregnancy. I wish you continued health and strength and I know you will savour the rest of the journey with your little one until the precious bundle arrives. So cute to see the photos of your growing family. Happy New Year!

  3. I am so glad for YOU...for all of you. I love to read your words, they are so sweet and calm. I wish all the best for you in the new year! ♥


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