3 Dec 2014

settling in

Slowly, ever so slowly we are settling into our new home... escaping the heat inside its thick double brick walls, unpacking boxes, hanging washing out to dry, letting the dusk breeze in, listening to our neighbours moo, swatting a hundred hundred flies, navigate so much busyness, jump on the trampoline, collect sticks for craft, settle our boy to sleep, welcome surprise visits, wake to the sight of a grey gum tree... 


  1. Those toes and the horse have travelled so far! May you all soon settle in your very own home!

  2. What a beautiful location! I feel warmer just looking at these pictures. xo

  3. It's so light-filled!! I've been thinking of you especially lately as you care for yourself and two (!!!) babes now. Hoping you get lots of rest and are able to relax a bit! xo


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