16 Nov 2014

twenty weeks, oh boy!

Long before I conceived you, before I had your brother, before I met your father even - I dreamt of future children. I saw the backs of these sturdy, curly haired boys on the cusp of manhood - following their father through a wooded forest. My heart swelled with pride at the sight of them, and the thought of maybe, one day - getting to be a mother of boys who could grow into men with goodness, strength and tenderness, compassion in their hearts...

And then last week while I lay on my back and the radiographer followed your beating heart and growing brain, long spine, nose and cheek, and so-very-often moving hands and legs - we learnt that you are indeed a he... 

so, beautiful boy of ours - twenty more weeks of growing and expanding, of feeling you turn and kick, of deciding on names, of preparing your brother for your arrival, of growing a farm, of nesting a happy home, of wondering who you will one day be...

twenty more weeks till I can hold you in my arms and kiss your cheeks and whisper in your ear...


  1. Oh, how lovely! Congratulations dear friend, another boy. Just how you dreamt. So happy for you xxx

  2. Congratulations (:

    I love where you say 'boys who could grow into men with goodness, strength, and tenderness, compassion in their hearts...'

    Sometimes when dealing with my passionate, stubborn and wayward toddlers, I forget to see that bigger picture. x

  3. i welled up reading this. so beautiful! (as are all your words here). your boys are lucky to have you.

  4. You're intuition was spot on! Love x

  5. Oh this is just the best news! I know you will love watching those brothers love each other. Words can't describe it. I'm so happy for you sweet friend!

  6. You're simply copying me Dear Em! My two boys have been so great!


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