27 Oct 2014

17 weeks

"I heard the heartbeat today and it sounded like someone hammering beside the sea." 
Rebecca Elson

There is something so magical, unearthly even about hearing another heart beating inside you... still so small and yet you throb with all the strength and determination of waves crashing against the shoreline. you are seventeen weeks and growing mightily. I am impatient to feel you moving - sometimes I catch a fluttering when I wake to pee in the night, or when I'm stretching on my hands and knees... You keep me hungry most the time, and sleepy before night falls. I crave sharp cheddar and sweet ripe pears, hot baths and oysters (that I dream of)... I am keen to find a daily rhythm that nourishes and soothes this needy body, cares for your active brother and keeps on top of all our work... when you arrive we hope to have hives full of bees, garden beds full of vegetables, chickens laying eggs and maybe a piglet or two. I met one of the midwives today who might be there when you are born - I was so glad when she said she believes in stepping back and letting the mother lead the way in birth... I look forward to the intensity and mystery of breathing you out into the world. Stay well little wave, keep on growing...  love mama xx

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  1. Yea! Congratulations!!! You are such a beautiful and thoughtful mother. This letter made me cry..."breathing you out into the world"...that's one of the loveliest things I've ever read.

    I look forward to reading more about this exciting new chapter. xo


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