4 Sep 2014

two years seven months

Little one,
Today is the first (and only) day you will be two years and seven months old, exactly. I want to pause and remember you just as you are now - so full of energy and light of feet...

I want to remember the way you talk - your command of new words and sentences every day. The spontaneous pleases and thank you mama after I give you something you asked for. The way you hurry to say goodnight to all on your way to the bath: goodnight dadda! love you! sleep well! Those wonderful mispronounced words: flying socks (flying fox), jump-o-line (trampoline), more movie (smoothie). Once you were watching a trail of ants crawling up the road - so you crouch down low and ask very seriously: what you doing ants? And one time at dinner you lean over to me and ask: It's yummy dinner mama? It's nice? I say yes, and you exclaim: Amen! 

You can name colours and shapes. You can count with ease to nine with a deliberate skipping of four and five. I haven't worked out why....You can grate carrot and cheese which you eat with gusto on corn chips smothered with avocado. You can help pack away toys, juice oranges and shape little rolly-polly snakes from play dough. You can sleep eleven hours without a peep - and did most nights last week. You rouse me from bed with a cuddle and freezing fingers on my neck...

Much to my delight your love of books continues to grow - we borrow books every week from the local library. Before your nap and at bedtime we pile favourites onto our laps and read and pause and point. From when you were tiny I would stop on pages to point out details in the illustrations and then when you were older ask you to point them out for me. It was a wonderful surprise when a few weeks ago (before I had the chance to cut in) you began to ask me: where's the clouds mama? where's the... sky... cows... dump truck? Last week while I hung the clothes out to dry you put the empty basket on your head and announced I'm a tiger... ROAAAAR and ran about wildly. Which could only led to one thing: mama chasing you...

You are our sensitive soul, and seem to hate hearing disappointment or frustration in our voices. You need many kisses on a sore finger or bumped head. You ask often for cuddles and lean in for kisses. You also spend a lot of time doing your own thing. I give you a lot of time and space to play by yourself - which is when you play happiest - mostly it's with a wheeled-vehicle racing through the grass with a ambulance or fire engine sounding behind. I love hearing your imagination at work. You have discovered the drawing potential of markers and watercolour paints (far superior to pencils) and are especially partial to black, green and red hues...

You test limits most days - and sometimes I loose my temper and need to say sorry. You protest most about getting out of the bath and coming to the table for meals. You occasionally have fantastic meltdowns in public over a trivial thing and I wonder if anyone feels as helpless and judged as a mum with a screaming toddler in a grocery store. You are empathetic too - and will ask "are you okay?" if we hurt ourselves, sigh in frustration or tiredly yawn.  We are learning to set boundaries and find positive ways to empower you. Above all we want you to know you are loved and able.

For all this and more
today and always,
I am so glad to be your mama... x


  1. Once you were watching a trail of ants crawling up the road - so you crouch down low and ask very seriously: what you doing ants? And one time at dinner you lean over to me and ask: It's yummy dinner mama? It's nice? I say yes, and you exclaim: Amen!

    I love that. So adorable!

    This is such a sweet, sincere post. You are doing an excellent job raising your baby.


  2. Ah, Emily, it's been too long since I've popped in!
    I love reading your posts about Reuben; they make me think about Miss Charlotte and where she's at - and I'm at - in our relationship.

    We have such different children for having been born so close together! C is a total brusier, and most times gets up with hardly a whimper, gives the sore bit a rub and carries on again. I love that about her... but do you think she can play independently? Lordy! SHe doesn't understand the concept of independent play, and on the odd occasion that she wanders off alone, the second we check on her to suss out the sudden silence she's up and demanding our participation again! She is not sensitive at all... if she hurts little Leo or one of us and we ask her why she'll respond with somehting like 'because I like hitting Leo!' (in a gravelly monster voice !?!?) which just kills us because she doesn't see any violence around here and we've no idea what it's about. She does like to check in a few days after an incident or cold or something like that though... 'is your owie better Daddyo?' 'Grandma are you not sick?'... And fun. Boy, is she fun. The girl loves to play and make funny faces and funny voices, dance and swirl, paints with gusto, sees everything, misses nothing. SHe is a delight and a challenge and a treat and a terror all rolled into one.

    I love this post. Thanks for sharing bits of your Reu with us and for helping me to sit and think about my CharlieGirl. One thing I've realised: I'm often quick to lose my cool when she is being relentless (more often than not at the moment - she's sick, which seems to heighten the toddler factor!), but I am not good at saying sorry. Thanks for reminding me that this is such an important part of parenting.

    Hope you're all well and enjoying your new surrounds


  3. Oh this makes me feel full! Full of gladness for you to have such a boy, and gladness for me to have my own. Thank you for the reminder to stop and really notice them… and to jot it all down afterwards. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and you always capture it in the sweetest way :) xo


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