30 Sep 2014

growing, of a different kind

for thirteen weeks now
I've been growing a little one
and already so in love with this
child to be born in my favourite season
which is autumn,
days after my birthday (maybe)

oh what blessing,
a babe for winter hibernating
swaddled close and tenderly
waiting for spring to come again -

it feels good to be telling you,
the past few months I have struggled
with the constant sea-sick feeling
and tiredness,
which seemed so mild the first time round
but maybe my body was telling me
it's different every time
or there's so many other things to navigate
(a move, a farm to grow, a business course, a toddler)
or it's a wee girl, perhaps -

this week I feel more myself,
some pleasant surges of inspiration
to create things, to get organised,
to stretch my body and enjoy eating -

I came across these dainty star flowers
in my friends garden,
I was taken with their beauty
in being so simply formed and tiny -
like all life really,
that starts small
and grows and grows...


  1. Aw, so happy for you! Congratulations and lots of love x x Kerri (songs of light)

  2. Oh congratulations! You will love having two and Reuben will be a wonderful big brother.

  3. Oh my dear friend, what wonderful happy news. Sending much love to you and that little bean xx

  4. such sweet news
    warmest congratulations
    you are looking radiant!

    from cicely in somerset (uk)

  5. Such good news. :) Blessings to you and your little bean.

  6. How precious. Congratulations!

  7. I enjoy our common love of little things.

  8. The second time round confirms it: you make the prettiest pregnant lady. Congratulations my friend! This is wonderful news. What a lucky lucky baby. I'm thinking of you.

  9. Hurrah! Exciting times ahead :) x

  10. Congratulations on this wonderful news <3 I'm a long-time reader (like, since the beginning pretty much) but I don't think I've ever commented. Always intended to -- you're the only blog that's had a consistent home in my blog reader for all these years without being deleted somewhere along the way. I adore everything about what you post here.

    You make pregnancy look absolutely stunning, as only you can. You're radiant. Making me look forward to growing my own babies.

    All my love,
    Maddison (Melbourne) xx

  11. YES! I've been waiting for this news. Congratulations lovely. So happy for you three

    Jenn xx

  12. Aah! Suspected darling Emily and was thrilled to hear! I am a brand new grand mama to Zoe Margaret and totally in love. Jen had shocking morning sickness so I can sympathise by proxy. May you feel wonderfully pregnant ( vs sickly pregnant) soon. Much love from the outback. Wendy

  13. Many congratulations lovely one! Sending much love from New York! :) xx

  14. I love the way you notice things, and share them in such a beautiful way. Looking forward to all things growing in your part of the world, especially your new little one. x

  15. Oh what fabulous, wonderful, exciting, lovely news!!! So very happy for you dear friend. I hope the sickness passes quickly and you're feeling well again. I'm looking forward to regular bump updates. Much love xxx tina

  16. Oh my goodness! How EXCITING! Congratulations Em. xxx

  17. This is simply the best! You are absolutely beautiful, as always! What a wonderful gift and delight this new baby will be! Praying for rest and health and pure joy for you in this growing season- xoxo!

  18. Oh congratulations sweetheart! How wonderful!!! Xo


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