11 Aug 2014

take a walk

go on, take a walk -
see your new neighbourhood,
bustle up with woollens and move
briskly - all the way to the playground
take the slide and make a freezing sand castle
wander over the bridges
fumble fallen oak leaves
(and watch them float into the creek)
hear the gentle lull of water moving
gaze through skeleton trees
or bend down excitedly
to smell unfurling daffodils,
dance with feet in boots
quoting Wordsworth
and rubbing ears prickled with cold
blowing red noses, running
and hiding, exclamations
at the birds we see flying,
though there's blossoms about
it's still winter here,
walk all the way home
and make tea.


  1. These photos remind me so much of Tennessee in the early spring. I'm so excited to hear about your latest adventure!! xo

    ps. Way too hot here for walking lately… its strange we are on opposite sides of the planet :)

  2. Yellow is such a happy colour beneath the sleeping trees!

  3. Beautiful imagery. I wonder which Wordsworth poems you quoted?


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