6 Aug 2014

ode to sydney

Tomorrow we leave our old friend Sydney (the city where I was born and raised) for the crisp countryside nine hours drive south... we leave with so many wonderful memories of the months past...

of blue water and salty breeze, of excursions to the aquarium and fish markets, of rides on the train and tram and bus, of tree-climbs and daily visits to nearby playgrounds, of quality time spent with kin, of delicious family dinners, of early morning market stall setting and filling bags with seasonal produce, of walks up hill, of profusely flowering shrubs and sky gazing at the planes taking off...

of lunches of falafels and labneh balls, of visits to my dad (and rocket-launching), of time spent with friends, of heart-talk with my sisters, of exciting collaborations, the sight of my babe sleeping against his mamie, of sewing and finger-threading, of filming a beautiful wedding, of a romanic date with my lover, movie watching, newspaper thumbing, house-painting, gardening, kitchen sweeping, resting, sun-soaking...

I'm from the city but it isn't where I feel at home. I love the closeness of everything, the noise and colour and humdrum of the city - in small doses, yes - then I long for the wide open, wild and windswept places, the melody of faraway frees and creatures grazing, earth under my feet... the exhale. 


  1. Such beautiful moments, dearest E! xo

  2. Beautiful times in Sydney but I am sure you will enjoy the countryside.

    I'm possibly going to Paris in the Fall. I'm excited. Any suggestions/recommendations for what to do in a few days? It is only a taste of Paris. If I love it I may return another time :-)

    God bless your move and your new home and new memories to come. xx


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