22 Jul 2014

ode to found flora

It is no secret that I love to pick flowers for window sill, oven top, bookcase and kitchen bench arrangements.... tiny handfuls of flora that may not last long in a water filled jar but for those days bring  so much freshness, light and promise to an inside space. I love how different flowers evoke different feelings and moods. 

Wild growing things are my favourite.  Something about the fact that you can't easily buy them from a florist or market - something about that deliberate choosing and selecting from what's available that season...

 In Frace I gathered forget-me-nots and cowslips and crocuses from the lawn, I clipped Japanese maple leaves and overflowing lilacs from trees in our garden. On the farm I planted columbine seeds, marigolds, tulips, nasturtiums  comfreys and zinnias to pick through summer. I foraged native violets from the forest, lilac from the hedgerows by the highway and pruned deep red roses from the farm yard.

One day I'd love to grow enough of my own flowers, foliage and herbs to have a seasonal flower business. I dream of bundling together bouquets and posies and delivering them to people's doorsteps, or nestled in the corner of a vegetable box. I would mix australian natives and those introduced from England, France, beyond... 

Right now I am gathering purple lavender, red bottle-brush, holly, eucalyptus and premature starry-white jasmine.... I wonder, what flowers do you love best to pick and have in your spaces?


  1. Oh how divine!! Such beautiful bunches Emily - I too love brining a little bit of nature inside. My jonquils are just starting to burst into flower and the smell is glorious. My current favourite to have in the house is Wattle - such a happy happy looking flower, xo

  2. YES please do start up a florist business! The way you arrange them is just perfect. And wild is without doubt always best.

  3. Those native violets. Always a favourite, so reminiscent of childhood.

    Your bouquets are beautiful. Each of them would make the most magical oil paintings. Inspiring.


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