4 Jun 2014

ode to autumn

have been so very mild this year
so unusually warm in clime
and yet for us - you are still 
the crunch of leaves
the shortening days,
the leaving one place
and returning to another
a child clutching a quiet bird
a man dreaming for the future
a woman growing older, 
hair longer, feet worn
leaf meal, egg dyed.
your ruby pomegranates,
quince and sugar plums
from the tree -
what was wonderful,
trying, thoughtful -
 what will be
road, hill, city, breeze,
you are autumn to me.


  1. Your odes to the season are my favorite posts...I can truly feel the words you write. I wish I could find the perfect word to express how lovely I think they are. You describe autumn beautifully.

  2. Love the poem...and the seasons...

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. beautiful ode to autumn. autumn is always one of my favourite seasons but where i live also a bittersweet one for the cold of winter lies just ahead. enjoy. xx

  4. So eloquently expressed with exquisite imagery. Delightful, Emily. Xx


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