25 Jun 2014

a june giveaway

 Hello dear friends, can you believe the month of June ends in just five short days? And with it commences the second half of the year...

To think in the past six months I have become a mama to a two-year-old, lived on a farm collecting hundreds of eggs most days, feeding chickens, miking and tending garden beds, taken full breaths of country clean air, submitted a manuscript for a children's book, soaked in summer sun, made new kindred friends, turned twenty-five, packed our belongings, crunched autumn leaves, reconnected with family and kin, prepared for (and attended) four handmade markets, read books in bed, planned for our next venture... and other things less notable, or more so, the not-so-oftens and the everydays. It has been a good year so far - hard and unknown and satisfying. So in celebration of what's been and what's to come I am offering a giveaway of recent makes -

One French style purple pleated handbag, fabric bunting card, purple cowboy toddler bib, dainty quilted pin cushion and linen bunting pin...

All you need to do is leave a comment here telling me what you loved most about the first half of 2014, and what you look forward to in the second.

I will draw a winner on the eve of June 30th.


And I'm happy to announce the winner is Jodie:

Please email me emilyclaresims[at]gmail[dot]com with your postal address - thanks! 


  1. Laura Powers sharman@mail2laura.com25 June 2014 at 19:51

    Celebrating my little boys 1st Birthday was the major highlight for me along with watching him grow everyday the rest of 2014 I'm looking forward to counting down to Christmas and seeing his little face light up christmas morning

  2. Wow what a lovely giveaway. The best part of 2014 so far has been having my mum visit unexpectedly in the last month. She lives in Africa so I don't see her often! It was perfect timing for a visit as it meant she has been able to meet our beautiful baby girl who is almost 10 months old now. It has been lovely watching them bond and fall in love with each other. x Mim

  3. You've had a great year so far! Beautiful giveaway. I'm just commenting on the loveliness of your makes but don't actually want to participate in the giveaway. I'm sure whoever wins it will appreciate it very much!

  4. my daughter becoming 17, she is growing into a lovely beautiful women before my eyes. My mother in law being given the all clear from cancer. Looking forward to a long sunny[well warm and dry] summer, and a big family Christmas to end the year. x

  5. We just got back from vacation and have had a wonderful start of the year. Can't wait to end this year and welcome the birth of our 2nd child. So many good things this year.

  6. Watching my little girl, all grown up, marry the man she loves with all her heart. I have never seen her look so beautiful then on the day she gave herself to him. My 'mother heart' felt sad because I know they will live far away from me and I will miss her terribly but my 'woman heart' thrilled for all that lay ahead for her in her life. Beside the feeling of a new born laid on my breast, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing my children make choices that I can see will bring them such happiness.

  7. Beautiful creations! My favorite part of 2014 is a haiku project with my mom. We choose a theme, write a haiku and mail it to each other every week.

  8. The best night of my life was undoubtedly when I was Confirmed into the Church. Now that I just graduated this afternoon, I'm looking forward to a relaxing summer. :)

  9. I finally found a job I really like in the first quarter of this year. However it does not pay so much, just barely enough to pay the bills, so I am really praying that my pay will improve xx

  10. The birth of my daughter. All that pain was worth it. I have totally forgotten how bad it was because I love her so much!

  11. I shared my younger daughter's wedding day with her, her delightful husband and loving family and friends. I look forward to meeting their new baby, my first grand child, in just over three months! Hugs to you Emily Claire. I am baking your spiced buckwheat cake as we speak! Love, WM

  12. I love taking my family to Sydney and visiting the Royal Easter Show for the first time...I'm looking forward to taking my middle daughter to the Katy Perry concert for her 9th birthday in November.

  13. That is me! I am so thrilled. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!
    I have e-mailed you.



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