14 Apr 2014


so many things to flush the cheeks with colour and joy -

. radishes pulled from the ground - the same seeds and all different... 

. a flourish of fuchsias by the water tank... 

. pomegranates off the tree (and the stars their stems make)

. at last! a rhubarb-coloured cardigan emerging... 

. this morning the mobile butchers came to break down farm grown beef and pork. I know it may seem strange but I do find beauty in fresh meat being cut. something about it's rawness - markers in flesh and bone, in fat and marbling of a creature who has lived a free and healthy existence...

. explorations with brush and paint...

. and finally before dinner my child and I rambled through the raspberry thicket, finding gems hiding under prickly leaves. just a handful I say and stretch them out for those longing toddler hands to grab. more he asks, and answers gone, gone now...


  1. Pomegranates on the tree! I can't even imagine. And there's your rhubarb-coloured hoodie. So beautiful, Em.

  2. your pictures are so dreamy. they really transport me to somewhere else.

  3. You really do take beautiful photographs Emily. I love the colour of the cardi.x

  4. Exquisite! Love the way you notice all these details. And I get particularly excited about the pomegranates and rhubarb coloured wool too.

  5. Love this post Emily Clare. Catching up on things after three wonderful draining months. This post is a nice place to start. On second thoughts, I am releasing the catching up thing. It is after all an illusion. I just love ruby glows. Love to you all, W


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