13 Mar 2014

the classroom

Renovations are in full-swing for the pre-loved demountable classroom we'll be moving into soon - with much ceiling scraping, wall-cleaning, staple-pulling, painting, carpentry, compost-toilet-installing, concrete stumping, hole-filling and more...

There is something so fascinating about recycling a used space like this. We love discovering markers of it's history - from blue pen graffiti and sticky-tape on the windows, to the whiteboards and pin boards screwed to the walls (and the array of painted surfaces beneath them) oh and of course the sign above the door as you walk in which says "time out room"! I wonder what went on in here - what mischief was imagined, what books were read, words spoken, ideas shared.

I can't help but feel excited about this classroom - what it's been and what it will be become for us, and those afterwards. A place to grow, rest and make merry in... 


  1. Looking forward to what it will look life!!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see it's transformation under your hands!

  3. From transforming French cowsheds to reconfiguring Australian classrooms you have quite a resume adding to all your other exploits! Can't wait to see like the others - the finished work of art and craftsmanship!

  4. This is so exciting Em! The idea of you living in a recycled classroom seems perfect.

    I sent an envelope a while back. Did it ever find its way to you? I hope you're well.

  5. How cool! I agree with Lizzie above - this seems like it will be perfect for you. Though, I'm sure at the moment it's a lot of uncertainty and hard work. Wish you success in your exciting venture!


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