25 Mar 2014

in thanks

dear friends, thank you for joining me here - recently I've felt my blog-voice wane as life became so busy and uncertain for us. I struggle still with fatigue and a flurry of thoughts to process but am at this moment overwhelmed with the kindness of friends, the healing hugs of my child, the softness of the sky on the horizon (that meets us, wherever we go). 

This morning as I cupped a bowl of steaming tea in my hands, I read:

Let thanks temper all your thoughts...

Ah, I thought, and yes... in thanks I'm present. In thanks I'm not impressing or disappointing. In thanks I'm not overlooking what's here and hard, but in a state of remembrance and rest. In thanks I'm redirecting my heart to gladness. In thanks I have peace in my spirit.

Right now -
for the brilliant purple of tibouchinas
for the fragrance of gardenias
for the season's first quinces
for the comfort of tea, warm socks, nourishing food -
for the face of my grandmother at her ninetieth birthday
for the yawn of my baby niece, 
for the health of our minds and bodies
for the land that sustains us,
for the love of my family
for the richness of community

for the certainties and the uncertainties -
thanks be.


  1. I love this. And I love your gentle spirit, sweet lady.

  2. Beautifully written as always Emily. Thank you for your gentle and inspiring words xo

  3. The words and pictures are warm and encouraging. Praying for you xxx

  4. have you read One Thousand Gifts? something tells me that it would resonate with you. :)

  5. Leaning our hearts towards gratitude is healing and Soul-filling in so many ways. I'm thankful for your beautiful words and thoughts, as always sweet Em. xo

  6. Wishing healing and health to you Em. xx

    And I can completely empathise with the blog waning as life becomes busier and busier. It feels the same to me. Rest easy.


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