1 Mar 2014

a day in the life

(one ordinary, glorious friday, february 28th - just the babe and I) 
 6.30am. how the landscape greets us
 6.45am. open the nesting boxes and lay fresh hay
 7am. we spy sweetie munching
 7.05am. we tend to the weeks old chicks - fresh wood shavings ,
water troughs cleaned,  hay for foraging and grain for eating.
 7.45am. we breakfast 
 8am. make laundry while the sun is shining
8.30am. bowl of tea accompanied by emails and plan for the day
 9.30am. brrrrrrmmmmmm
9.47am. we plant seeds for carrots, radishes and beetroot,
we tend to growing vegetables, weed and water...
 10am. the harvest: beans, silver beet, zucchinis, 
cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicum and zinnias
10.52am. the master box decorator
 11.15am. apples picked, cleaned and ready to store
11.30. tomato and plum sauce making.
 12.30pm. homestead cleaning while the babe naps
 1.40pm. this and that lunch

3pm. studies in blue.
4.15pm. egg collecting - 263 today
 4.30pm. cleaning and packing for retail
 5.15pm. time for supper mister pigs
 5.17pm. happy happy piglets
 5.30pm. picking sunflowers and tansy to bring inside
 6.05pm. chicken and vegetable soup for dinner
 6.30pm. bum in the tub
 6.55pm. Bus there! favourite books before bed 
 7.15pm. check on older chicks, 
catch (with difficulty) ailing ones for the "sick bay"
 7.30pm. walk before dusk
 7.35pm. my favourite light of summer
 7.37pm. this.
 7.45pm. farm fence nostalgia
8.15pm. bowl of dandelion tea with knitting
 9.30pm. final part of Parade's End,

miss my absent lover (and tell him so)
the end.


  1. Just great Em. I loved seeing it all. You must have a long arm to take those selfies!!

  2. Wow! Your days are so similar to mine - except the rabbits have taken over our vege garden (again) - so no bounty this season. Lovely pics! Cheers, Simone

  3. Siiiiiigh. This made me all sorts of FULL. To pause and see the small glories of everyday are truly what makes a life overflow. Love you Em!

  4. Wow. Your days seem so different to mine. Yet so similar. Beautiful captures of a beautiful time in your life.

  5. Oh that golden summer light. I'm in agreement with UmberDove… feeling full and reminded of things recently forgotten. Thank you, as always sweet Em! xo

  6. I just, RIGHT now, felt myself missing you. Beautiful everything, as always. I can't wait for the light of summer, here...


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