3 Feb 2014

Today TWO

Can you believe today my babe is two years old. TWO I tell you! I love him more with every passing day - and delight in the brightness of his face, the sweetness of his embrace, the passion of his character. We celebrated simply with a trip to the library, outdoor exploring, racing cars from the thrift store, blueberry-coconut cake, candles, and so many wonderful gifted books. While he napped on our bed with a racing car in his hand I lay there and gazed at that full and contented face. I am so blessed to be his.

(and I'll leave you with the silly poem I wrote in his card)

Here is Reu.
Do you know today he is two?
and a rather lovely soul... 

Now he lives on farm
full of trees, rock and grass
with many great things to do.

There's a dog, ducks and chicks
cats, cows and some pigs
and a tractor to ride after noon...

He loves to play with his friends
read books, splash around -
but his favourite are cars that go broom!

Mama gives him great kisses
Dadda gives him big tickles
Which he returns both generously,

Be it Australia, Morocco or France
he's been there before 
our so-very-well travelled Reu -

Such a fun, clever boy
cracker-eating, banana-vore
we love you because you are YOU.



  1. Can't believe that growin' boy of yours, dearest e! He's just too cute!
    Sending so much love to you and yours!! xo

  2. Happy Birthday to your precious boy!

  3. What's that on the floor? That's just my heart which melted like ice-cream after reading this. You know I was there in spirit xx

  4. Happy second birthday Reu. You look like the happiest little soul. x

    ps I love the R. E. U. letters I spy in amongst the wrapping.


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