1 Feb 2014

a little party...

today we had a party in celebration of our dear little boy turning two this coming monday... my parents came down from sydney and we had a glorious time - despite the extreme heat - splashing in a water trough, supping on delicious homemade food (chicken liver paté, avocado dip, vegie sticks, quiche, pavlova and orange jelly), drawing cars, listening to my mama on the ukulele (best rendition of the "happy birthday" song), eating blueberry-iced banana cake, reading books, chasing balloons and well, just loving on that sweet child of ours. oh happy day!


  1. Our little boy will be turning two in exactly a month...Yours reminds me of ours! So sweet! I'd love to make that car cake--he would love it! Do you have the recipe? I guess I will look at your photo of it to see how to make the car on the icing... so creative. Happy birthday, little dudes!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one...time flies...I love your train cake...so cute!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  3. Sweet day! Happy birthday to him!

  4. I love that your mama played happy birthday on the uke! Gorgeous moments captured of your boys special day.


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