27 Jan 2014


too early in the morning
when body moves
over the chores
it knows well

where tired eyes
are awakened,
when all else falls away -

just me
and those cows
panning for gold...


  1. This golden light is delicious! Everything here is the gray winter slosh of snow and ice and rain. I'm longing for that golden sun. Sending lots of love to you! xoxo
    ps. How much longer will you be on the farm? :)

    1. Megan! Light is life-giving.... hoping for some winter sun to grace your face this week. And we'll be on the farm for at least another 12 months, hopefully more :)

  2. So beautiful. It's wonderful to hear you will be on the farm for longer, it's a very special place (we visited for a tour, but I was too shy to say hello ;) )


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