6 Dec 2013

ode to the afternoon light

when you come around,
after noon

and the grasses are wavering
and the trees are swaying
and the dog is sleeping
and the child is hugging
and the ducks are waddling
and roses are blooming
and the hills are shining

I forget my sore shoulders
sunburnt wrists, tired eyes -
I remember I am
part of this, the ever
cycling season, the
closing of a day
soft and enlivening...


  1. Beautiful! And that is one long-suffering cat!

  2. I adore the image of Reuben and the cat.

  3. Definitely a part of it! So much beauty!

  4. the beauty and gift of another day can sure make our complaints seem so trivial sometimes.....beautiful photos.

    and your words....more beautiful. ♥

  5. So so gorgeous. It is my favourite time of day by far


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