16 Dec 2013

merry-making: day one

Try making one of these sweet vertical garlands with ribbon, beads and paper cranes. Simple and lovely. A great activity for older kids who like to craft with paper and are comfortable threading onto a needle too.

You will need:

-thin-to-medium weight paper such a printed wrapping paper cut into 4 or 5 10cm squares
-thin ribbon or thick yarn
-a large-eyed needle
-wooden beads/bells/buttons depending on your taste in colours and size etc.. 

Fold your paper squares into flapping origami cranes. Follow these instructions if you don't know how. Cut a metre of ribbon. Next thread ribbon onto the needle, tie a knot in the end then begin the pattern of small bead / knot / large bead / knot / small bead / knot / crane / knot /** repeat until you have used up all your cranes. Make a loop knot at the top for easy hanging and trim off any excess ribbon. Pin against a door frame, wardrobe or loosely arrange on a Christmas tree... 

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  1. You are so good at making so many things. Have a wonderful season of joy!


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