29 Nov 2013

recent knits

1. knitted wash cloths in pure cotton 
2. semi-felted crocheted oval kitchen mat with odds and ends
3. fully-felted wonderfully soft morning slippers for me (pattern here)
4. a no-seam woollen vest for reuben (pattern here

summer is coming I here you say, and yet amazingly mild here. woollens are still being worn, especially in the early morning or evening once the sun's gone down. I have list as long as my arm of things to knit (for a baby nephew/niece arriving soon, for us, for the house) and endeavour to get stitching as long as the heat allows!


  1. Pretty knits!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  2. I can't even imagine wearing woollies now, early morning or late evening! It's already so hot and humid the cooler days of sitting and knitting on wear-ables seems a distant memory. I love your slippers, they look super cozy :)

  3. How beautiful and how terribly clever you are! Knitting is on my teach myself one day list.

  4. everything you make is imbued with such beauty. :) and i love your tiny abode!

  5. you are magic to find the time! so well done.


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