30 Nov 2013

ode to spring

Dear Spring,
sweet and mild
season, you
with fragrance
flush and green
a laze about the buzzing bees
a re-discovery of my birth city
and also a great journey south
(where you were not quite so developed)
country still frost-coated,
trees bare, with
cool cool breeze.
I have had the great honour
this year
to see you unfurl twice
and on this hemisphere
magnificently -
dreams realised, creatures born
eggs laid, kinship forged,
meals created, 
elm unfurled,
apple blossomed -
a season of newness
of goodness, 
and yes of course
of greenness -
a season of planting,
pruning and growing
a season of planning -
soul nourishing,
thank you for easing us in...

in seasons past


  1. I've read this several times and keep thinking how happy I am to have found your blog. It's so beautiful when you read it out loud.....you have a lovely way with words. ♥

    Sarah xo

  2. So beautiful! You have such a way with words (and photographs too... adore them).

  3. Here I am in Winter in Wyoming, such a delight to see your spring photos!

  4. Loving every last bit of this delicious post. xoxoxo


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