22 Nov 2013

little scenes

some little scenes imagined and sketched this week in the nighttime when the babe has gone to sleep and the dishes are done... 

It's Friday and I am happy about that. The morning is still unfolding but already a cow's been milked, bottles filled, breakfasts made, lunch prepared, garden watered and seedlings planted... today is a special friday because in a few hours my mama and step-dad will be here. They are staying in the nearby town for the weekend. I am so very excited about hugging those dear parents of mine, sharing cups of tea, taking them around the farm, showing them my dairy cow and growing garden and tiny abode... not to mention reunion of red-haired grandson with his grandad and mamie!

Happy day to you too sweet readers xx


  1. Beautiful! Enjoy your time with your parents!!

  2. Sounds like you've got a great weekend planned! Enjoy. xx

  3. Lovely. I need to drag out the sketchbook again.

    How exciting to have your parents around. Enjoy your weekend. x

  4. Aw, so lovely to have your parents come to visit. I hope it's a wonderful weekend.

  5. Have a wonderful time with them, we can't wait for our turn!!
    lots of love to each of you, The Puddle Duck xxxxx

  6. Oh I wish I could draw or sketch or make sense of what I make when I put pen to paper.

    This is simply beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  7. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your parents! That morning light and your lovely whimsical sketches make my heart happy. Love to you across the seas- xoxo


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