16 Sep 2013


the last couple of weeks have been trying. poor alex has been knocked around first with a ruptured disc in his back, then a lingering cold, and just lately a gastro-bug (that thankfully left Reuben and I unscathed). It has made the preparing and packing for our internship slower and less straightforward... So little sleep, so many to-do lists! Still, there has been much to savor and rejoice in -  healing, springtime walks, meals with kin, usually warm weather, rediscovering sydney street art and eateries, taking a natural beekeeping course, swaying backyard canopy, freshly-unfolding wisteria...

today we'll commence three days of driving (stopping, resting, sight-seeing) to taranaki farm. I am a little scared though mostly excited about our new adventure... please do hold us in your thoughts and prayers for good health, navigation and a peaceful transition for our dearest, smallest member.

emily xx


  1. Praying for a safe journey and a smooth transition into your new life!

    p.s. Reuben is getting so big! It's been sweet being able to watch him grow on your lovely blog.

  2. sorry your husband has not been feeling well. I pray he gets better very soon. sydney is such a beautiful city. i'm sure you really enjoyed getting reaquainted with it. safe journeys and good health to all of you. xx

  3. Will do!!!
    Go well and with peace.

    Good on you for always seeing the goodness!

  4. I pray for peace, health and joy in your new adventure together! God bless you heaps! x Martine

  5. Oh no, I wish Alex a speedy recovery from everything. And I will certainly be holding you and your family in my thoughts as you head off on your latest great adventure. Im x


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