30 Sep 2013

green harvest

It feels good to eat up the winter greens while the weather is still a bit cool and broody (though I'm told that is commonplace here)... cabbages for sauerkraut, kale for eating raw or crisping up into "chips" in the oven, carvolo nero (my favourite green) for soups and stews, dark purple and green lettuce for salad... I feel especially privileged to be savouring the fruit of others' labouring... and to have my little curly haired helper with me.

I've also been dreaming about what to plant this Spring - so far I have amassed seeds for nasturtiums of every kind, rainbow chard, purple carrots, borrage, chives, basil, rocket, sunflowers, eggplants, zucchinis and cucumbers!

I wonder, what's growing in your garden at the moment, what are you planning and dreaming for the season?


  1. Mmmm greens. SO much nourishment.

  2. Right now my blueberries are forming and the garlic is growing...but I am getting excited for cucumber, zucchini and tomatoes!

  3. Perfection. All of that. We only have herbs at the moment and I haven't even thought beyond that ... but someday ... hopefully soon, we will have the most perfect little veggie patch.

  4. Delicious! But feels odd to be seeing winter greens still, here in Tamworth is already really hot and our whole garden patch wilted down to nothing. Maybe I'll plant purple carrots too, that sounds fun :)

  5. "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." -Audrey Hepburn

    Glorious. And that lil man of yours, just too cute. Living vicariously through you! XO


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