26 Aug 2013


We've been home for three months now. And every so often I feel a sort of grief when I reflect on the two years we spent living in a faraway place... I remember the particular bends in the road, flower beds, faces of neighbours and market vendors, smells of smoke. It's a curious thing about being alive that when you are in the moment, you try to savour what you can, but mostly you are thinking about the next stage - what is to come - and when it does come... you mourn the before, wish you'd soaked it all in longer.. knew that it was all going to pass and change so quickly.

I am often asked... what was it like to live in France - I pause to answer, half smiling, half frowning, fumbling over rehearsed phrases - it was good but... it was deeply lonely at times, challenging, fascinating. I tried to share glimpses of that life on here - first-hand accounts, poetic contemplations, agreeable photographs, soon to be consumed food; baby cheeks; travelling adventures... but there was so much more - corners, thoughts, places I barely spoke of, didn't find time to, or didn't know how to...

And so I feel compelled before my memories age further, to acknowledge the things I do not want to forget about our life in France. I hope to share these on here over the coming weeks - starting with tomorrow's entry on weather and moods.

Thank you always for reading along... 

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  1. Great idea!
    What you wrote in the 1st paragraph is so true.
    Looking forward to reading/seeing the hidden corners of life in France.


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