31 Aug 2013

ode to winter

you have not been so cold
or dark or grey,
no snow fallen, nor freezing -

still the ears have listened,
heart widened
to the blessings 
of the season

rest, kinship, 
watching, waiting,
and savouring
so much light -

crisp eyed mornings,
dusk laced trees,
sun kissed faces
afternoons golden.


  1. Wow! These pictures are gorgeous. I always love your photos - but the light coming through the trees is especially stunning.

  2. Birds, bottles, baskets, bark, blues and beautiful boy!

  3. Love the light you've captured in these photos... even though it's warm and golden light, it instantly speaks "wintry" to me.

  4. EVERY photograph in this series is exquisite. Utterly. ALSO, I was delighted to see a post from you on my blog as I was thinking of you this morning after I woke up and was laying about in bed daydreaming!!!!

  5. Incredibly beautiful pictures. I especially love the heart in the bark of the gum tree.


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