6 Aug 2013


Little Roar exploring Taranaki farm earlier in May

Oh friends, I have wanted to share this news with you for a while now... that this little family of ours will be moving again! In about 6 weeks we are moving to the southern state of Victoria to take a 4-month internship on the incredible Taranaki farm. You may recall my post about our visit soon after we arrived back in the country. 

We will be living on site in a former demountable classroom (think caravan without wheels), nourishing our bodies with home-grown eggs, meats and produce whilst learning about all aspects of keeping the resident cattle, pigs, chickens, goats, vegetable garden (and soon after, honey bees) in a humane, naturally organic and regenerative way. This has long been fermenting - a passion and dream shared by Alex and I to live off the land, to be thoughtful and sustainable in our management, to build community, to be part of the healthy production of good, with a little art making here and there in-between. 

We will be documenting our journey from cityscape to countryside on our site - Hand to Ground - where we hope to portray the gritty and beautiful aspects of learning to farm from scratch. This has all taken off a lot faster (and spontaneously) than I imagined, but for now I am not so much as nervous as I am hopeful about what unknown lies ahead for us. I think living overseas toughens that resolve. No, we haven't planned what's beyond our internship (though we have myriad ideas) - so for now we're trying to not race ahead of ourselves and just savour the slow unfolding of things...
hand to ground
is a good place to begin

is letting those hands
so used to cuddling babes
typing on keyboards, making tea
kneading bread, stitching,
wielding paintbrushes
drawing with pen

dig in the earth
lift and graze
pet feathers
pick up eggs
smoke honey bees
milk at dawn
gather at dust
invent, stretch, resolve

in short:
know hard work
and beauty
of simple and honest

I whisper words
I read recently
be generative -
in the mystery
of plan, growth
frustration and harvest -

of creatures, seedlings, hearts too.

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  1. This is so very exciting. What a wonderful adventure you are about to embark on...All the very best. I will look forward to hearing more xxx

  2. Ah GOOD stuff!
    Very excited for you guys and cannot wait to follow along on this grand adventure of getting back to the roots!

  3. I am so envious of you! What an incredible opportunity! I can't wait to hear all about it and learn through your soft words.

    ps. did you ever receive my package?

  4. Wow!! I knew something amazing was in store for you guys. I'll be praying for you, what an exciting time it will be.

  5. What a wonderful opportunity. I really look forward to following all your amazing adventures (: It truly looks like a beautiful place for Reu (and you) to grow. x

  6. Oh, thank you friends for all your kind words and encouragements!


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