12 Aug 2013

scenes from the weekend

Some scenes from our weekend adventure in the not too far away Canberra. Our three days were crammed full of socialising with friends, family and kin... breakfasting with my dear Alice, getting to know some more of Alex's family, exploring the national arboretum and the botanical gardens, photographing a beautiful family (who kindly took our portrait as well) and encouraging each other in all manner of things....

we were also able to spend time my dear friend Mechelle and her family; together we went for afternoon walks as the sun was setting, gazed over rolling paddocks touched with gold, listened to their exciting plans for them, the children laughed and twirled and we all seemed thoroughly suited to this landscape of earthen hill, weathered wood and lichen-laced stone.

later we cooked and ate and laughed and reminisced, while our littlest ones ran in and out in merriment... I thought to myself of the day - some five years ago - when I first met Shell (holding one of her curly haired babes) I had a feeling that she was a special sort of person. How glad I am we became friends, and years afterwards, as kindred souls, how grateful I am to know a woman of such experience, wisdom, kindness, bravery and strength...


  1. beautiful photos, beautiful family :)

  2. It was such a pleasure to see you. It was relaxing and restorative. Love to all xx

  3. How amazing that all looks. xoxoxox

  4. I love all the photos and especially the one of the three Simsies, so happy!


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