17 Jul 2013

the littlest room

is his room now... but I remember when I had a lovely writing nook there a few years ago. and before that when it was my sister's room and she nailed her incredible wall-to-wall high school major artwork up... the evolution of spaces is a curious thing.

yes, it is same the room I tell myself, but its changed... the carpet has since been removed to reveal hundred year old timber floor below, the spotty blue walls have been painted an even white - space is cleared and adorned with colourful, interesting things; books to peruse at just the right heights for its intended audience... blocks to bang and toys to explore... a myriad of cars... an alphabet quilt my aunt made for us kids to enjoy more than two decades ago... chagall prints and other colourful art and photographs above reu's beautiful wooden crib which has been kindly loaned to us by friends... an extremely comfortable rocking chair for early morning breastfeeding, and falling asleep together for midday naps... a wide window to let the fresh air and cool and sunshine and moonlight in... a big bag on the door for collecting useful cardboard, paper and plasic-y things... a beautiful rug for our toes to meet - the rug we haggled so vehemently for in morocco a few months ago - woven by hand in grey, black, white and mauve by berber women... and even a little writing nook for me too... such a wonderful room to play and sleep and write and be in.
then & now, in the littlest room... 


  1. It looks like a wonderful room with all the important things ;-)

  2. A darling "littlest" room. It looks warm and inviting and filled with lovely things - perfect :)

  3. What a fabulous, real and layered space. I ADORE the quilt your aunt made. And all the wonderful art surrounding little Reuben. And the shelves and treasures scattered about. (:

  4. How life can magically change in the blink of an eye.

    Love this, dearest E!


  5. So special! What a lovely room.

  6. Who would have thought you would be standing in that same room with a child in your arms when you were taking that first photo.....So wonderful that a little room captures so much of life.

    BtW do those big wardrobe mirror doors annoy you? I have them in my room as well (with a blue wall in the background too!!)and well having such big mirrors right next to one makes for a lot of looking in one's own direction...blah, annoying sometimes, but hey.
    I love this post.

  7. So different from when I last saw it! But so wonderful too xx That photo of Reu looking up is adorable :) Love the floorboards!!!

  8. It's a really lovely space - the light looks gorgeous. Kellie xx

  9. I love this colorful, light-filled space! Its so cozy and warm! I've been without internet for a few weeks (moving!), but just caught up here and I am so glad you all are having such fun adventures and relaxing with your kin :) love to you Em! xoxo


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