13 Jul 2013


 Hello hello, good saturday to you... here's a little peak at the things I've been busy making and finishing off for the markets tomorrow. if you are in sydney (or nearby) and are looking for fun things to do tomorrow - this would be it! face painting and animal petting for the kiddies, homemade german sausages, locally roasted coffee for the parentals... and lots of vintage and handmade delights too. this is my first time back on the market scene in a few years and its both exciting and nerve wracking. Hmmm better go finish off those labels...


  1. i wish i could hop across to the other side of the world right now because your makes look adorable!
    i'm a recent but regular reader of your sweet and inspiring blog.
    best of luck with your sales!

    blessings from an english grandma

  2. oh my goodness! those sweet wallets are so delightful! so happy to see you are crafting anew x

  3. I hope you had fun! The patchwork is especially charming...

  4. I see you've been very busy. The market looks like fun and I wish you much success with your sales. Yum I'd love to be able to sample the German sausages and roasted coffee. I have very fond memories of my short time in Sydney so long ago. It is such a beautiful city and I thoroughly enjoyed what I did see. I just enjoyed the ambiance of the place and it's magnificent setting. I also enjoyed taking the ferry boat to different parts of the city and I even enjoyed the rain! It reminded me so much of home and yet the two cities are quite different in many ways.

  5. Glad your settling in to life here again, taking up things you love.

    We need to catch up in person sometime soon, as I'd love to meet your little man, and share tea with you!


  6. I hope it went well and lots of people walked away with your lovely treasures. The wonderful range of markers is something I really miss about Sydney :(

  7. I missed it! I had it marked in my diary and all, but come Sunday morning, my diary was not opened and it completely slipped my mind. ):

    What a lovely selection of goodies you had set up.


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