2 Jun 2013

the long way home, part II

now it seems like an age ago
we stepped on australian soil
we wandered a tram-tracked city
hip, busy, autumn-leaving,
Melbourne -

we were blessed with cosy place to stay
and call our own for a week
while we familiarised ourselves
with the sights, sounds
smells of here -

we stepped on concrete road
and dust farm track,
I savoured solitary walks
and mornings infused
with wood smoke and
magpies warbling,
alex began to make up
for two years of sub-par coffee
reuben chased little dogs
and delicately thumbed
waratah leaves,

something so necessary I think
of returning in a slow and gentle way -

I feel a closure too
like the rings around a tree
those last years past
patterned in my soul
a little zig-zag
stretch mark on my belly,
never forgets
where I have been, no,

or of the place where I was born
and the feel of sun that's harsh
and breeze that's soft
sky so unapologising blue -
rain sporadic and thunderous,
bird call, grey bush,
heart language spoken loud and brash
whispery, and well, everywhere here... 


  1. What a wonderful, amazing journey it must have been. Welcome (almost) home.

  2. yay! welcome back to Melbourne!
    how beautiful is the scent of eucalyptus after being away? I experienced that after travelling for 7 months last year. mmmm

  3. So glad you're home :) It's amazing how different the light is in the first few photos especially to the ones from France!

  4. Welcome home! What an adventure you guys have had. I hope the remainder of your journey is relaxing and rejuvenating! What next for you all, I wonder?
    Ps, I love Reu's beanie... Did you make it? Charlotte is forever pulling her hats off and I'm sure she'll end up with icicle earlobes this coming winter!

  5. I am so excited for you. And, much as I loved reading about your adventures in France, I missed catching glimpses of Australia in this space. I hope your home feels rare and new as well as dear and familiar.

    Also, I understand about the coffee. Completely.

  6. So different to see such familiar sights on your blog again! I'm glad you're all back safely and enjoying a slow "return".

  7. How amazing that Reu is now seeing your home with his eyes for the first time!
    The Eucalyptus and the magpies and the sunny skies.....

  8. Oh, so glorious. Glad you and yours are back safe'n'sound. Much love!

  9. When I read your "The Long Way home" posts I think of the song "Take the Long Way Home" by Supertramp sung here by Supertramp member Roger Hodgson:


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