18 Jun 2013

the good life

while we were in melbourne a few weeks ago we visited two special farms - the first (and the feature of this here blog - is the Collingwood Children's Farm... such a delightful place - it is a farm in the centre of the city spanning over 7 hectares of land and surrounded by leafy bushland. we wandered the grounds and met the resident chooks, goats, ducks, horses, donkeys and pigs, I had a go milking the cow (surprisingly therapeutic) and felt inspired by the ramble of edible fruits and vegetables, native plants, flowers surrounding it...

I guess I can't go to a place like this without remembering the five or so years we spent on a bushland farm with my dad on weekends and holidays when I was a child. I've been thinking about those times a lot lately... that and Alex and I feel so compelled by the desire to live thoughtfully and sustainably; by places like these - who tread the earth gently, who foster connection between the city and the land; the child and the meat and leafy greens on her dinner plate...

There's so much more I want to say and share but for now I think it will suffice to say... if you ever visit Melbourne city, this is a wonderful place to loose yourself in. That and watching your toddler chase chickens is wonderful fun... 


  1. SPEAKING of the emerging gardens (farms) in the cities! Brillianteh. Babies and chickens would indeed constitute the good life.

    1. Yes! its a wonderful movement :) babies need chickens (and vice versa) I think!


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