20 Jun 2013

morning, here

I have missed thee,
a soaking of sun
so brilliant
it warms even the coolest
finger and toe-tips -

we rise and play for a moment
in the lightest room of the house -
I rock with that child adorned
in copper-frizz,
one of the too-many
zooms across the
papery playhouse...

off to breakfast,
porridge of course,
& mashed banana for him
& stewed quince for me
there's earl grey steaming
and two slices of honey-oat bread
second-day after baking
and still delicious...

there's reading of the word,
and running outside
to greet the trees of course
palm, paper bark, fern
and climbing vine -

I find a wisp of grape-vine
and he a stale hunk of bread
still apparently quite appetising,
oh no, somehow his shoes
and cuffs are soaked,

let's wait a little while
on returning indoors 
(and changing clothes)
I knit around his happy clattering
stick waving and so forth... 

all of a sudden
sirens sound,
maybe three at once,
the babe stops still
and watches intently,
not that he can see them
but through the trees and fence and roads
something dramatic and mesmerising...

and I think, oh my soul,
how precious mornings are,
bright sun, sixteen-month-old and me...


  1. Yes so precious!
    SO good to document such mundanely beautiful and precious moments!

    Just the other day I also picked a few branches of those lovely grayish leafed yellow flowered plant (please tell me their name-I love them and how they flower in winter!)
    Would love to spend a morning with you!

  2. Le sigh...oh so special!

    Magnificent as always, dearest e!

  3. Sounds like such a lovely morning, well spent :) It is familiar to me, I can just picture my Elias waving a stick in his "happy clattering." I love hearing about these beautiful, ordinary bits of life. xoxo!

  4. Beautiful photos.

  5. Your little boy is sooooo precious!!! LOVE that red hair!!!! :)
    Welcome back home Emily! Are you back in the same area as before? No too far from me if so!
    X Mim


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