22 Jun 2013

give me a home among the gum trees...

At Taranaki farm cattle, chickens, goats, pigs, plants (and all manner of worms, insects and creatures of the ground) are allowed to roam, forrage, peack, stomp, graze, mud-bathe, scratch, screech, oink and moo... in short, a farm where animals are given the dignity to behave as they are meant to - where farmer and animal are healthier, not to mention the soil beneath... say nothing of the quality of egg, milk or meat resulting!

It was our absolute pleasure a few weeks ago to take the grasshopper tour, to literally, hop about the wide and rolling grasses of Taranaki, only an hour's drive from the centre of melbourne - to join Ben and the rest of our group (excitable school children, interested observers, and a number of mums with babes strapped to their back/chest of which I was one)...

I loved that reuben seemed so comfortable and excited by all the open space - his first taste of the rural landscape of australia. he delighted in chasing runaway chicks, petting a soft black-haired pig, and nuzzling up to the farm's devoted hound gypsy... 

And at one point, three of us mums found ourselves unstrapping our babes from our backs to sit on the ground and breastfeed - sunshine streaming, grey earth and grasses wavering around us. we reminisced on the experience of giving birth.

I felt proud to be australian. 
for radical (necessary) farming, 
living, nurturing -

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  1. I was just thinking that I seemed to remember you and your little family were returning to Australia soon. Wow, it really is a special place isn't it? Those photos are so Australian. Going away for a while helped me to see the beauty of Australia afresh. Through new eyes. Now you will also see it through Reuben's eyes. What a joy. (His red hair is amazing!)

    1. So true about how being away from a place helps you re-discover the beauty and uniqueness of it when you return! So lovely to hear from you on here. And Reu's hair really is amazing, can't bare to cut it just yet :)

  2. What an incredible place!

    I wish I could show you what a little farm our backyard is becoming.

    1. I wish you could too... I love the sounds of your growing backyard (and especially remembering your descriptions of it before you began to work on it! xx


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