25 Jun 2013

a song for simplicity

There are some things that should be as they are:
plain, unadorned, common, and all-complete;
things not in a clutter, not in a clump,
unmuddled and unmeddled with,
the straight, the smooth, the salt, the sour, the sweet.
For all that’s timeless, untutored, untailored, and untooled,
for innocence unschooled,
for unplowed prairie, primal snow and sod,
water unmuddied, wind unruled,
for these, thank God...

- Luci Shaw


  1. love.
    perfect daily reminder!

  2. The rain! So dreamy. Do you recommend Down to Earth? It's been on my list for a while now. Hope you are having a wonderful week! xoxo

    1. I know, I forgot how when it rains here it is so loud and heavy! And I would recommend Down to Earth - lots of good ideas, thoughts, encouragements; the author is australian too which I found nice. I've borrowed this copy from the library; but I think it would be a lovely one to own (and be able to lend out to people too) - happy week to you too xx

    2. I love this book, and her blog! I just lent mine out yesterday :) it is often passing hands, it is very good.

  3. How amazing is Down to Earth? One of my favourites. Hope you're settling in well :) x

  4. Hello Emily. Someone recommended your blog to me so here I am. I was a bit surprised to find my book in your post, but it was a nice surprise. I hope you enjoy it. Good to find the other ladies enjoyed it too. Your photos are charming and little Reuben is beautiful.


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