5 May 2013

jardin du luxembourg

today was one of the loveliest saturdays I've ever had... sweet friends over for breakfast/furniture moving/gardening/sourdough pizza making for lunch, then off together for an afternoon adventure into town - to the jardin du luxembourg for a sunny stroll and a visit to the museĆ© to see the exhibition of one of very very favourite artists, marc chagall... I love how the jardin is so clearly bursting with both tourtists and local parisans - all delighting in the spring warmth... we chatted as we walked, watching men play serious games of chess, and more light-hearted rounds of boules, we nursed under the swaying chesnut trees, saw children set off sailing boats, listened to a live orchestra, reuben licked his first mango sorbet and decided he liked it very much, and were mesmerised at the brilliance of the tulips. I am convinced I have never seen tulips so big, or as bright, as I have this season in Paris... 

Oh how golden to be with one's kin and kindred friends, lap up sunshine, and see a little more of this olden city while we can... 


  1. The jardin, those tulips, how beautiful! And Chagall, all in one day, magical.

  2. Oh MY. I am also convinced that sounds like the most perfect day! Chagall! friends and family! Park and tulips! Yummy food! what more could you want!?
    And for us of course splendid photos!

    OOOh I love those mini Chagall painting/postcard things!!

  3. Look how big he has grown..and that hair, what a doll!

    You have such a beautiful family. God is good, girl!

  4. Those tulips do look glorious, and those little sailing boats, how sweet. R is getting so big! I can't get over his gorgeous mop of hair.

  5. Now that's the good life. So Magnificent.

    P.S. Sous Le Ciel De Paris happend to be playing while I was reading this post. A little too perfect! hehe.

    Much love to you and yours!


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