10 May 2013


a feeling I can't readily describe, a glow perhaps, these last days, five full...

I move in bursts of energy, humming over to-do-lists - letters written, packages sealed, boxes addressed (by little hands and big),

the rooms are in a slow-state of undress and yet I still need fresh flowers on shelves, lilacs from the garden and periwinkles, violets, buttercups from the overgrown patches of grass...

one day is warm as anything and the babe splashes in his makeshift pool, I walk barefoot, stopping for the drench of sunlight against the wall,

next day is cool and wet and grey, I think about the unapologetic blueness of the sky where I am from, soon I tell my heart, soon...

nights we earnestly plan to get into bed early, and yet retire too late, too full of thought,

and freshly buttered bread becomes a late afternoon pick-me-up

how quickly we reach the end of chapters (where half-way we felt ourselves dragging, and now can barely slow enough - to savour and collect)

I could race ahead, rushing, spinning - but I am determined to pause. I am here now, its 9pm, still light and the birds are softly singing... 


  1. The glow is for sure reflected through those photos!

    Good on you for remembering to stay present in these last 5 days (!)

    I'm telling you we have been having the most brilliant blue skies here with the most perfect coolish temp.I hope it remains like this when you return!!

    Those flowers are sooo beautiful, and I love that photo of you two writing on the boxes!

  2. My thoughts are with you as you prepare to leave- I can only imagine the bitter sweetness of this goodbye!

    But I am SO excited for you to return home, and to be close to so many loved ones again.

    Blessings and a multitude of well wishes! xoxo

  3. lovely. good luck with all you must do. xo

  4. love. love. love.

    and that lil boy of yours is too darn precious!!!!!

  5. So quickly the days pass, excitement builds, (happy)exhaustion sets in.

    Only a few days and you will be with your loves ones.

    You will have bitter sweet memories of goodbyes and a good life lived in a land fare away.

    God speed to you and your little family as you journey home again. xx

  6. Enjoy these last few days in France. xx

  7. All thee pics are beautiful memories captured the tippy toes and the serious concentration in one is a cute balance to the one of delight in the "pool"! I can't wait to hug all three of you!!!


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